22, May 2023
Carbon-fourteen is considered to be an extremely legitimate dating techniques

Carbon-fourteen is considered to be an extremely legitimate dating techniques

Experts have discovered a real reason for brand new puzzling emergency from mellow cells and you can DNA fragments in the dinosaur bones – the bones was more youthful than just people ever suspected.

The fresh theoretic limit to have C-fourteen matchmaking try 100,000 many years having fun with AMS, but f or practical purposes it’s 45,000 to 55,000 age, according to kind of products

People in the Paleochronology group displayed its results on 2012 Western Pacific Geophysics Conference inside Singapore, erican Geophysical Union (AGU) together with China Oceania Geosciences People (AOGS).

Carbon-fourteen (C-14) dating away from numerous examples of bones off 8 dinosaurs utilized in Tx, Alaska, Colorado, and you may Montana revealed that they are merely twenty two,000 to help you 39,100 yrs old

Since dinosaurs can be more 65 million years of age, the news is brilliant – and most certain could tolerate. Adopting the AOGS-AGU fulfilling into the Singapore, new abstract is actually taken out of new meeting site because of the a few chairmen while they could not undertake this new results. Unwilling to complications the content publicly, it removed the report out-of social check rather than a term so you can the fresh article writers. If article authors inquired, they obtained which page:

It failed to go through the analysis and so they never spoke to your boffins. They did not such as the test outcomes, so they censored him or her.

It’s precision could have been affirmed by using C-14 thus far artifacts whoever decades is known usually. This new fluctuation of your number of C-14 regarding the surroundings over the years contributes a tiny uncertainty, https://datingranking.net/russian-dating/ but pollution by “modern carbon dioxide” for example decayed organic matter away from soils presents a greater opportunity having error. Read More